Thursday, 3 November 2011

Our Philosophy

We at the Victoria Seed Bank and Vancouver Seed Bank are: 
Devoted to collecting and preserving
 useful seed varieties from around the globe 
and making those seeds available to anyone who needs them.

We believe that seeds and plants 
are part of the common heritage of all people,
 that every human has the right to grow any plant they wish.

We oppose the patenting of living things, 
the genetic modification of plants, 
and especially the creation os so-called "terminator" seeds.
We believe that breeding and careful selection 
are the keys to developing new plant strains.

We ardently and actively 
oppose the war on drugs 
which aims to exterminate many of the world's most useful plants. 

We believe medicinal, entheogenic and psychoactive plants 
are among the world's most sacred treasures 
and should be preserved, not destroyed.

When you purchase seeds from the
you are contributing to ending the drug war and 
preserving plant life for future generations.

Thank you! 

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