Sunday, 7 October 2012

Welcome Chimera & Viva DJ Short!

New to the Victoria Seed Bank, we gratefully welcome Chimera Seeds to our menu, and welcome back the one and only DJ Short, who has been teaming up with Chimera to 
create some new amazing hybrids.

Schnazzleberry #2

Breeder: Chimera Seeds/DJ Short Joint Project
From the same mother as the original super-stoney Schnazzleberry. Perfect for SCROG or bush gardens. Expect bud-laden branches with a healthy stretch when flowered. Ripening of the large calyxes and huge dark amber trichomes kicks into full force at 45-50 days. Additional days add intensity to the already numbing high. Excellent for vaporization and production of connoisseur quality black hash.

Parents: The Dom (Blue Domino) x DJ Short Blueberry
Flowering: 50-60 days / Early-October
Height: 60-90 cm / 120+ cm
Yield: 680 gr / 570 gr


Mothered Chimera's legendary 25+ yr old California Orange clone, and fathered by DJ Short’s Blueberry. This large producing hybrid adapts well to most growing environments, and prefers a mild diet. The last 2 weeks of this plant’s life will impress with the huge swelling of calyxes into light green bundles of frost. Excellent daytime smoke with an inspiring and creative high. Pleasant bittersweet orange soda flavor

Flowering Indoor: 50-60 days
Harvesting Outdoor: Early to Mid-October
Height Indoor: 60-90 cm
Height Outdoor: 120+ cm


The future of Cannabis genetics looks better than ever!



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