Friday, 11 January 2013

From the great white north . . .

Great White North Seed Company
Born and bred in the biting outdoor chill of Manitoba.  

An outstanding and reliable company, known for great outdoor genetics. They offer several different strains that will suit anyones taste and needs for outdoor climates.

Manitoba Poison 

Very purple buds, from pure south African seedlines. 

Good mold resistance.

Height 4 ft

Flowering time 6 to 7 weeks

Yield 1/4 lb

Harvest outdoor September 1

Lethal Purple
Outdoor Indica

This plant goes totally deep purple in the fall. 

Good for camouflage with fall colours.

High yield and strong perfume smell with sweet flavour and strong stone.

Mid to late September, 5 - 6 ft.

Visit the Great White North Seed Company's section on our website to see everything they have to offer.  It's not too early to get ready for Spring!

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