Friday, 15 March 2013

Great strains for growing outdoors!

Right now everyone is getting ready for the outdoor gardening season. We at the VSB have a plethora of strongly medicinal Cannabis strains, designed for cultivation outdoors in our cooler Canadian Climate.


For those of you living deep in the heart of this country, you know the season can end fast and unexpected. The Canadian Shield provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) are notorious for their fast spring, hot summers, and short lived fall which typically ends sometime in October. You need a strain that is hardy, tolerant of cold weather, and fast to finish before the frost comes.


Great White North is a great breeder straight out of Manitoba's North Country. The pride themselves for having some amazingly designed outdoor strains which will not only finish fast, but produce too!

First off, Manitoba Poison is hard to beat when it comes to the perfect outdoor plant. Usually growing around 4 feet tall, this hybrid plant is easy to conceal in the urban garden, and camouflages wonderfully when grown in a special hidden spot. Average yield around 1/4lb per plant. These ladies have a good resistance to mold, and are typically finished outdoors by September 1. 

Another great pick by GWN is their Early Sativa. A compact sativa growing typically 3-4 feet tall, great for guerrilla gardening! These little ladies finish around mid-September and are known to produce some massive buds.

Great White North is a breeder with the northern Canadian's needs in mind. You can learn more about the strains he offers by clicking here: Great White North Seed Co.


The Kootenay Territory of BC is a beautiful and lush area with hills and rolling mountains in every direction. What better place to grow a strain bread in the Kootenays, designed for the Kootenay mountains. Kootenay Mountain Seed Co. has 3 'Grizzly' strains ideal for forested mountain regions.

If you are looking for plants that will produce big, the Jumbo Grizzly may be right for you. This is the big one. Large, massive colas. Vigorous tree-like structure. Yields over 1lb based on March 21st start. These grizzly ganja plants can grow up to 8 feet tall, and should finish around late September - Early October. 

Another Kootenay strain ideal for northern outdoor climates is the indica dominant Nepali Grizzly. This bushy, stabilized, Nepali Hashplant will frost over with very potent visible crystals. Typically finishes by mid September at the latest. This plant typically stays between 3-4 feet tall and should produce 3-4oz of highly medicinal bud.

Click here for more info and strains by: Kootenay Mountain Seeds.


For us on the west coast, we've been blessed with some amazing genetics and some amazing breeders.

Jordan of the Islands has been breeding on the west coast for decades. He offers some of the best and most sought after BC strains including BC Big Bud, God Bud, Northern BC Skunk, Texada timewarp, and The Purp.

BC Big Bud, is a sativa dominant plant- bred in BC, produces huge potent sativa buds, with fast flowering time (45-55 days).

 BC Big Bud is famous around the world for good reason. It has helped trail blaze BC's reputation for producing some of the best medical cannabis in the world.

Brand new from Jordan, great for outdoors due to its fast flower time and mold resistance, we proudly offer you Blueberry Cough. A cross between Jordan's legendary Blueberry and the infamous 'Strawberry Cough' [haze x strawberry fields].

This indica dominant strain grows medium size with an above average yield. It is very mold and pest resistant and great for first time growers. Great for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Jordan of the Islands offers a huge selection of outdoor strains both sativa and indica dominant.
For more info on Jordan strains we at the VSB offer, click here: Jordan of the Islands
Check out Jordan's web site at


Our stock is good right now, so hurry into to either one of our locations (Vancouver or Victoria). We'll help find the strain that is right for your outdoor growing needs.

Happy Planting!



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