Thursday, 22 August 2013

3 Magic Peyote Cactus need new homes!

There is an amazing wise man from Salt Spring Island who visits our Victoria store whenever he's in town. He has been breeding these amazing cactus for around 40 years now, and has blessed us with 3 amazing specimens. 
There is one 5 year old which we are offering for $100, one 6 year old for $110, and one 7 year old for $120. These cactus are all of Mexican lineage and according to the breeder (who has a LOT OF experience in this field) swears by the Mexican variety for it's potency and durability.
Each cacti comes with a small piece of bison skull carefully added to the soil mix. According to the breeder 'they love it'.

Much care and love has gone into these plants. They are very slow growing and are currently endangered in Mexico and else where due to poor and unethical harvesting. Fortunately, like many other plants it has grabbed the attention of botanists, enthogen collectors, and succulent lovers alike. Hopefully we can keep this species out of the way of extinction through protecting them in domestic gardens and homes like yours. And one day in the future, these your pups could grow to fower and empower the way this 40 year old does.

We also have many other unusual and magical plants for sale. Come check us out in Dragon Alley - bottom end of Fisgard. Open everyday from 11-6.


  1. Where is this store ? Or this guy ?

  2. I am enjoying some success growing cacti at home and would be happy to care for a peyote cactus...

  3. How can I get this? Do you have any contact? Any store? or anything else? Please let me know