Friday, 6 December 2013

Holiday season is upon us... enter to win!

This Holiday Season help those in need by donating a dry good food item when you make a purchase purchase at the Victoria seed bank. When you donate you will receive 5% off your total. We are accepting donations until December 23rd when they will be delivered to the Mustard Seed Food Bank. 

We are also having a 'Hempy Holidays' gift basket give away! With every purchase you may enter your name to win a gift bundle bundle of Hemp related items including; A pack of Canadian Cannabis seeds of your choice, 1 lb of yummy hemp hearts, a copy of the latest Hempology 101 textbook, a pack of Elements 300 rolling papers, a custom made 4/20 rolling tray, and a custom made 4/20 1" button.
All the makings of a good year to come! Enter now to win!


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