Thursday, 27 November 2014

Chimera Seed Co.

Dedicated to developing and improving cannabis varieties and delivering them to market with the utmost value. 

The Chimera breeders combine their vast experience and passion for the herb with formal training in plant sciences.


Indoor / Outdoor

Mothered by our legendary 30+ yr old California Orange clone and fathered by DJ Short's Blueberry.This large producing hybrid adapts well to most growing environments but prefers a milder diet. The last 2 weeks of this plant's life will impress with the huge swelling of calyxes into light green bundles of frost with purple accents. The odour is on the delicate side- a pleasant bitter, sweet, orange-berry soda flavour. Excellent daytime smoke with an inspiring and creative, motivational affect. A mother's favourite medicinal variety.

Genetic Heritage by region: California (Mexico, Columbia, Afghanistan) and/ Thai/Afghan. 

Indoor flowering: 50-60 days. Outdoor harvest Early to Mid-October Height: 60-90 cm / 120+ cm Yield: 680 gr / 910 gr.

Price: $65.00


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