Monday, 5 January 2015

Ancestral Seeds - Mystic Vale

Ancestry Seeds has created the most innovative outdoor strains that have forever changed the face of outdoor growing on the planet. Strains we created such as Seawarp and Pinewarp have taken years of research and have now become the main outdoor strains grown throughout B.C. with genetics travelling the world. Now our most cutting edge seed stock and heirloom varieties will be available for sale to the public for the first time. A limited supply of high quality seeds are available for medicinal use only. Over the coming years we will be bringing you more heirloom varieties and more cutting edge strains.

Testimonial ~ Ancestral Seeds genetics have been a steady feature at our dispensary for a number of years and patients and staff agree they are some of the most effective medicinal strains available.- VCBC

Mystic Vale

Genetics inherited from Early Sativa, Betty Page, Texada Timewarp and White Grizzly. With frosty sativa buds, a sweet fruity fragrance and early finish the Mystic Vale has an appeal few other strains can match. Light green in colour the buds aesthetically look similar to some indoor strains, complimented by a unique smell and elevation high. Tolerates low light conditions relatively well, with good mold resistance. Medicinally used for pain and stress relief as well as improving one's appetite.

(Finish Time late August-early September, yields 113 - 454 grams dependent on growing conditions)

Price: $60.00

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