Monday, 6 April 2015

Dawg Brains - Delta 9 Labs

Dawg Brains is just one of the top quality Cannabis Seeds from Delta 9 Labs Seeds, and it is available as a Regular Cannabis Seed Option only. This is a great Cannabis Seed choice manufactured by Delta 9 Labs Seeds and is just one of the 2,400 Fantastic Cannabis Seeds from Delta 9 Labs Seeds cannabis seeds available at Stealthy Seeds! Dawg Brains begins flowering on a 12/12 Photoperiod and there is unfortunately no reliable information available at this time as to this Cannabis Strain's Indica / Sativa Profile. The producer of this Great Cannabis Seed has listed the preferred environment as Indoor;Outdoor Environments. The strength of Dawg Brains cannot be reliably determined at this time as the information has not been released by the breeder and the information that is available from the producer of this fine Cannabis Seed lists it as being an average yielder. Delta 9 Labs Seeds have not yet released reliable information as to the indoor height for this strain and while it is not always possible to easily characterise the Genetics of a Cannabis Seed with simple tags, the Cannabis Seed Keywords which would best accompany Dawg Brains are: Hybrid. Delta 9 Labs Seeds have their entire selection of Quality Cannabis Seeds available for purchase at Steathy Seeds! Dawg Brains has been described by the breeder as having a Medium (56 to 90 days) Indoor Flowering Time and no Optimal Outdoor Harvest Time information is available.

Price: $45.00


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