Monday, 30 September 2013

Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores

We sell 'Golden Teacher' Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom spores in sterile 10cc syringes, or in print form.

Our spores are fresh, healthy, and printed in a sterile environment. Ideal for studying under the microscope or for scientific research.

The 'Golden Teacher' variety is known for resistant to contamination in comparison to most other Ps.cubensis varieties, and its fast colonization speed.

 Spore germination has been reportedly seen in as little as 36 hours under optimum conditions, but can take up to 2 weeks in colder environments. A liter of grain could potentially colonize completely in less than a week.

When conditions are right to fruit, Golden Teachers usually show 'pin-heads' in about 10 days.

Though the majority of Ps. cubensis mushrooms found in the wild are quite typical, this variety can produce some unique mutations when it wants to.

A very fast and rhizomorphic colonizer, the 'golden teach' loves grain rich substrates. 
This strain can fruit prolifically in the wild and can produce some monster mushrooms in later flushes.

A customer of ours from the Netherlands was nice enough to send us and allow us the use of these pictures of Golden Teacher mushrooms growing in a domestic lab setting. The mushrooms in these pictures are of the same lineage as the spores we sell.

To our understanding, Golden Teachers achieved their legendary name for their amazing ability to heal the mind, and spirit. They are reported to produce breathtaking 'divine' effects when used in a shamanic setting.

Available while supply's last!
Syringes are $30 each.

Unlike other Spore distributors online we guarantee that these spores are of the original Golden Teacher variety. We pride ourself in our honesty when it comes to our advertising and our commitment to preserving vital genetics.

Like all medicine the earth has given us it is important to show respect and refrain from abusing the amazing power that this entheogen possesses. Know the laws in your country or state before attempting any sort of experiment with these spores. Unfortunately in most western countrys, Psilocybine containing mushrooms are considered illegal by law.
As this is the case in Canada; our spores our meant for Microscopy research only.


  1. Golden Teacher is very popular mushroom. Most people like this mushrooms because of its shape and also for golden colored mushroom caps.

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