Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Happy Harvest 2013!

Happy Harvest everyone! 
Here are a few shots of Jordan's Blueberry Cough.
 This strains showed great mold and bug resistance.
 Blueberry Cough pre-flowered early in the summer. This allowed for easy sexing long before flowers began developing.
Pistols are stained in deep purple and smell of ripe black berrys and spicy black pepper. A delight to observe and experience!


These are a few shots of a mystery strain found in some of Cookie's leftovers. ;)
 Beautiful color as the plants ripen. Sweet and earthy smelling buds.
 Purple kush perhaps? Though it did display some very sativa-like characteristics... I guess we'll never know.


We hope your gardens and plant projects blessed you with abundance this year.
From all of us at the VSB's, HAPPY HARVEST!


As the days are numbered now for Medical Cannabis users to grow their own medicine. We encourage every voter in BC to join the Sensible BC campain. Sign the petition and show support in any way you can.
Click the link for more info.
There is no reason Canadians should be moving backwards in regards to our social liberties. In this day and age ending prohibition of this plant is not only a chance to improve and benefit in every aspect of society, it is also considered common sense.

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