Monday, 14 July 2014

Auto Flowering Cannabis

Want to share a few thoughts from my third year of growing auto flowering strains. These little plants are a pleasure to grow in a city environment. Having street and neighbours lights on and off during all hours can cause all kinds of issues with non auto flowering strains. These little beauties grow and flower all on their own. I would really love to have a controlled environment to grow in but until then these ladies look great in the sunshine! 

First year, I had tried Syrup from Buddha Seed Bank.  Had a great yield for an auto flower, about 2-3 ounces per plant. Super white crystals and a smooth clean smoke. Sadly they are hard for us to get coming all the way from Spain. I look forward to being able to carry this strain and similar again in the future. 

Second year, I went with some a sample strain that was given to us from an unfamiliar breeder. The strain name I have since forgotten as it was not memorable or worth the time I put into growing it. Yield was enough to roll 2 blunts. Be careful when dealing with "new" strains. Make sure you are dealing with established breeders and reputable seed banks or distributors.

Third year, is looking great! Dwarf Low Flyer, Candy Cane and Early Miss are all very vigorous healthy and having some great flower production so far. Will have some more info once the season comes to an end. 

Note: All my growing is done with dirt and water. (KeepItSimpleStupid)

Here is a picture of the Auto Jack I look forward to growing next year on my deck.

Check out the link below to all our Auto Flower strains currently in stock.

Here is the Wiki on Auto Flowering Cannabis


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  2. Thanks for the link Ann. I look forward to seeing it's database updated with more strains in the future.


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