Monday, 21 July 2014

Chimera Seed Co. Highland Mexican

Chimera Seed Co. is dedicated to developing and improving cannabis varieties and delivering them to market with the utmost value. The Chimera breeders combine their vast experience and passion for the herb with formal training in plant sciences.

Currently we have 16 strains to choose from in store. Although they have many more to choose from. Check out this Highland Mexican for example.

Highland Mexican

Indoor / Greenhouse

A unique treasure from the past, which is very different from today's marketplace cannabis. The maternal contributor was a potent and sweet highland Guerreran specimen selected from a true Mexican land race stock, collected circa
'72-'73. The blueberry pollen was from an F4 generation (original stock unique to DJ Short).
Technically not an F1 hybrid as the Mexican land race individual is not from a stabilized breeding line; as such growers will find a small degree of variation. Only recommended for equatorial and sub-equatorial outdoor plantings, greenhouse environments, or very experienced indoor cultivators using growth chambers with sufficient light intensity and height requirements to accommodate her equatorial habit. Indoors only clones from mature mother plants should be induced to flower shortly after rooting.

Height: 2m + Greenhouse/Outdoor Yield 1-2 Kilos per plant if allowed to grow to their fullest potential is full sun.

Genetic Heritage by region: Mexico, Thailand, Columbia, Afghanistan

Spend $100 or more on Chimera genetics and receive a free Modern Mix while supplies last. Call for availability - 778 329 1930

Check Out all Chimera has to offer at our website listed below.

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